Thursday, October 21, 2010

sea inspired

 It's been a little while since my last post, things have been so crazy around here with the new puppy! as a prior nanny;  I have raised a baby, toddler and teenagers but taking care of this puppy is by far the most difficult and time consuming thing indeed!

I did want to share these gorgeous inspirational photos for our beach wedding!
I love the ambiance, relaxed atmosphere and the casual yet classy image. it so us, and it's perfect.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i recently received my swatch order from THREAD. i am so excited that I found this company! i have been searching for bridesmaid dresses that come in a variety of colors with a style that each girl feels comfortable wearing. THREAD offers an endless amount of styles and fabrics in over 50 color choices and prints!! Who could ask for anything more?!
i received 21 swatches ranging from Wicker (a gorgeous nude in a chiffon blend) to Surf (a beautiful aqua in a crinkle layered chiffon) and everything in between.
they were so accomodating and I received my order within a few days!   I couldn't be happier with their service as well as the product! Not to mention they will make special order dresses & wedding gowns!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fresh Faces

last week i had the opportunity to work at the Clinique Fresh Faces Tour on the USC campus. it was amazing.  Clinique and Vogue partnered to bring this amazing event to life for the second year.  the event was free and open to everyone...a make over, hair touch up and photo shoot as well as an opportunity  for each girl to enter to win an all expenses paid internship in NYC with clinique and/or teen vogue, not to mention a spread in vogue!

as make up artists,  we we only had 10 minutes to apply a full face of make-up!! at first i thought it would be impossible, but somehow we all pulled it off. the first day, the team arrived at 8 am. we got our stations organized and we were open for "business" at 10am. i did my last make-over at 6:30, with only a 20 minute break. on day two i was out the door by 6:30am and ready for business at 8.  the second day was a little slower ( ESPN game day happened to be on campus).  the event was over by 3:30 and i was on my way home by 4.
 i estimated that i did about 97 makeovers those two days.  i think that is more than i have done in the last year!  i don't believe i have ever worked so hard in my life, and had so much fun doing it!
I was also able to meet and speak with corporate  Cliniquers  from NYC as well as Teen Vogue.
I still don't understand how i could be left so exhausted but ready to do it all over again if i had the chance!

this tour is traveling onward throughout the US. if you are near one of these events...GO! it is a blast and you get to meet and talk with professionals who can answer any questions you may have about your future. so cool.

Monday, October 4, 2010

which villain are you?

this month MAC released their venomous villains collection. needless to say it's wonderful. pearls, pigments, lustres, creams,'s all there. MAC never ceases to amaze is not even a word worthy of their description, with their high pigment shadows, creative looks and colors. this collection is broken into four feature categories;
Cruella de Vil
Evil Queen
Dr. Facilier
containing everything you could ever hope for, including marbleized mineral shadows, pure pigments in lushes fall shades, and six shades of lipstick from vile violet to (my personal favorite) innocence, beware! as well as deep shades of polish.
i think i have a million lipsticks- but who couldn't use one more, especially if it has an evil queen on it. seriously.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

puppy time

jonathan is allergic to dogs as well as cats, bees, apples... mostly everything. however, we have a cat and he loves her (more than me i think) and now- we're getting a puppy!!
it's a labradoodle, so we're hoping it will be more "hypoallergenic".  i have been wanting one for so long now, but normally these dogs go for a thousand to $2500.
I can't justify paying any obscene amount for a dog when there are pounds and shelters filled with animals who need loving homes. i just think it's a little irresponsible i guess.
so on one  of my petfinder searches i found  labradoodle pups.
a woman in ohio, after answering an ad, rescued two litters from a breeder who was just trying to make money but cared nothing for the dogs. they puppies were neglected and starved. it breaks my heart. the woman notified authorities and took them in, vetted them all and loved them back to health.  she's amazing.
i have to work out of town next week, but our puppy arrives at the airport on oct 11 and i can't freakin' wait!

our is the smiley one 

Friday, October 1, 2010

vintage appeal

crafty? yes.  a little lazy? double yes.
shocked i know, you think it just can't be- but ahh it is.
when it comes to original aqua ball mason jars, i would scour ebay and craigslist- hunting them down and sell my soul to the highest bidder to get my hands on some, before even thinking to...make one?

but no, not this girl at bridalbuzz.  she takes a modern canning jar and transforms it. can i just say that i want to now do this to everything in my house!
props to her- this is just so damn neat.