Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vamp or Vampire?

Fall is here and that means trading in pale lip gloss for a deeper, richer, lipstick. I am happy to say that dark lips are back in a big way this season.
Some may argue it can't be worn off the runway and that blackberry lips are way too harsh for real-life, but I think they're hot.                                                                                                        While such a dramatic style can be intimidating, this look can definitely work off the red carpet (and on the sidewalk)… But pulling it off can be tricky. If done wrong, If the color feathers or is not applied flawlessly, it will look sloppy.

Some helpful hints to looking old Hollywood glam!

Don't go totally Goth
Be sure to pick your shade well. Consider your complexion and the undertones in your skin. While the striking look models wore on the Yves Saint Laurent fall 2008 runway was indeed dramatic (with her pale complexion, pure black pout and blunt dark bangs), the severe-looking style says vampire, not vampy. Remember, dark lipstick doesn't have to be black.

Exfoliate your lips.
This is easy to do and there are products specifically for this like Clinique's All about lips. However, a simple at home solution is when you brush your teeth, just gently brush your lips as well. This will remove dead skin cells and soften your lips. Make sure to smother on lip balm or moisturizer for added protection. My favorite is Palmer's Cocoa butter swivel-stick. I refuse to use anything else!

Don’t O.D. on products.
Keep your look simple-play up only one feature at a time. Wear minimal shadow and a touch of liner. Do pair a plum pout with bold brows and lots of mascara.

Use liner. 
For rimmed lips minus the clownlike effect, outline your lips then feather in to fill. With a pointy Q-tip dipped in translucent powder before you apply the lipstick to help your darkest shades stay put. You can also use a nude or clear liner around the outside of your lips to keep the color from bleeding. 

Well yes, Chanel is responsible for making goth lips chic in the Nineties. Last year the company revisited its dark side with three gorgeous new Rouge Allure lip colors. All are different variations of black: Obscure has brown undertones, Maniac a tinge of red, and my favorite of the three; Hysteria a hint of violet ($30)

This season, my favorites are Clinique After Party ($14), Black Raspberry from Bobbie Brown ($22), L'Oreal Paris Limited-Edition Lipstick in Berry Alluring ($9) MAC Viva Glam I ($14.50)


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