Monday, March 28, 2011

labor of love

Introducing my DIY Beach Chic wedding invites! 
I designed, created, printed, cut, and assembled each invite.

We are so pleased with the outcome of our invitations! Seeing them come to life from an idea, to a sketch to finish product was wonderful!
We have received sooo many compliments on the originality of them! Everyone loves these!

8.5x11 bulk Snow White Cardstock:  4.95/50 pack = 24.75
5x7 Signature Pocket Fold:  .69ea = $69.00
Precut Invitation Mat:  .18ea = $18.00
Mailing Envelope:  .15 = $15.00
Belly Bands in Snow White: $8.95/50 pack = 17.90

$144.65 total paper cost

1” starfish design seal- 10.00
(7) Aladine Glue Gun Sealing wax- $4.00 ea

$38.00 – 15% off coupon= 32.30

Tombo Permanent adhesive


Other items
Glue gun
Printer & ink

My invites came out to be $2.23 each! 


  1. Those are great! and what an awesome price tag...bravo!

  2. Hello from Weddingbee!
    I am so excited to follow your journey!

  3. Your seal is beautiful! Very, very nice job on the invites.

  4. very beautiful! congrats! Looking forward to following you!

  5. These look amazing!! I love the starfish seal. Beautiful, congrats! Your wedding is right around the corner, so exciting! :)

  6. Hi there,
    Beautiful invites! Are you able to share what fonts you used on the invites?

  7. I was looking for manageable DIY wedding invites. When I came across yours, I stopped looking. I fell in love! I just ordered my supplies and will be making them for my military themed wedding. My fiancé is in the Marines, so I selected a blue invite (sparkling sapphire) and a red belly-band to mock the strip in the uniform trousers. I also chose a seal that was the Marine Corps logo with pearlized white sealing wax. I got my stamp and wax elsewhere because the website you recommended didn’t have the stamp I wanted, and the custom one was beyond my budget. I went here instead: Thank you for this!

  8. Hi Cory, I came across your DIY invites as well. They look amazing! I ordered samples from Cards and Pockets so I can get a better visual. However, I will most likely be doing something similar. Would you be able to send me your Word template? I've been having some problems with the formatting. I thought I could figure it out alone. I would appreciate so much! My email is
    Ann McKenna