Sunday, October 3, 2010

puppy time

jonathan is allergic to dogs as well as cats, bees, apples... mostly everything. however, we have a cat and he loves her (more than me i think) and now- we're getting a puppy!!
it's a labradoodle, so we're hoping it will be more "hypoallergenic".  i have been wanting one for so long now, but normally these dogs go for a thousand to $2500.
I can't justify paying any obscene amount for a dog when there are pounds and shelters filled with animals who need loving homes. i just think it's a little irresponsible i guess.
so on one  of my petfinder searches i found  labradoodle pups.
a woman in ohio, after answering an ad, rescued two litters from a breeder who was just trying to make money but cared nothing for the dogs. they puppies were neglected and starved. it breaks my heart. the woman notified authorities and took them in, vetted them all and loved them back to health.  she's amazing.
i have to work out of town next week, but our puppy arrives at the airport on oct 11 and i can't freakin' wait!

our is the smiley one 

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  1. You are too funny!! I am so excited for you. Is this an early birthday gift?