Monday, October 4, 2010

which villain are you?

this month MAC released their venomous villains collection. needless to say it's wonderful. pearls, pigments, lustres, creams,'s all there. MAC never ceases to amaze is not even a word worthy of their description, with their high pigment shadows, creative looks and colors. this collection is broken into four feature categories;
Cruella de Vil
Evil Queen
Dr. Facilier
containing everything you could ever hope for, including marbleized mineral shadows, pure pigments in lushes fall shades, and six shades of lipstick from vile violet to (my personal favorite) innocence, beware! as well as deep shades of polish.
i think i have a million lipsticks- but who couldn't use one more, especially if it has an evil queen on it. seriously.

1 comment:

  1. Ooooo! I think I would be Maleficent!
    (I played her once in a girl scout play of Sleeping Beauty, and I think I played her quite well actually)