Friday, December 10, 2010

Frito Feet

I absolutely positively love the smell of my pup's paws. i love falling asleep to the scent and waking up to it! for me, it's right up there with puppy breath and fresh cut grass. i don't know if it's the equivalent to adoring the devine smell of say skunk or gasoline but i have to imagine someone out there being opposed and possibly even offend of my love of puppy feet!  Jonathan for one thinks I'm totally nutty when i purposefully lift up her paws and sniff, so i have been determined to find any evidence to prove my sanity. 

Well, i came to find i am not alone. There is question after question  out there about why the smell of dog feet is so sweet.  Some say buttered popcorn,  some nachos or Doritos and there is even a term coined..."Frito feet". 
Just like humans have colonies of bacteria and micro organisms living on their body's, it is the same with animals. Bacteria and yeast naturally reside on the skin of all animals. The feet of Dogs contain many hideaway spots, such as the areas between toes and the spaces between the foot pads. These areas are prone to increased levels of moisture and are not exposed to as much air circulation. This allows the bacteria and yeast to proliferate zealously. These micro-organisms give off odors. Because cats groom themselves more thoroughly than dogs, they are less likely to have foot odor. In particular, the naturally occurring and harmless yeast contribute to the slightly musty smell that tends to emanate from the pup's feet. 

The smell is not harmful, nor does it mean the feet are infected. 
Nor does this information make me any less likely to smell Pearl's paws. 

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  1. It's my ABSOLUTE favorite smell in the world!! <3 Congrats on your wedding, Cory!! Syd