Thursday, December 2, 2010

one for one

i need to take a minute to express how much i love Tom's. not only do i love the shoes but the company too is momentous...not to mention that the founder is not so bad himself. Tom's started in 2006 by coming up with the simple yet brilliant idea to donate one pair of shoes, for every pair purchased. This is so important because young children can catch harmful diseases  just from standing in contaminated soil. They can also get serious infections from sores, or even not be able to attend school.
 Since then they have even collaborated with Brands such as Ralph Lauren Polo Rugby shoes and Element Skateboards on their one for one program.  They have created numerous styles including wedges and wedding shoes using endless fabrics and colors. Recently they even released sequin shoes! too cute!

As of this fall 2010, over one million pairs have been donated to children in need...and that number just keeps growing.
So buy yourself or someone else some Tom's!

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